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[DMU Ban appeal] AeternumVictorem allegedly rudeness permanent

Minecraft username: AeternumVictorem

Why you were banned: I was in my TARDIS, requesting it to be saved. I was trying to explain to the seemingly simple-minded staff why the TARDIS should be saved. One of them asked me a question that went something like this: "What are your political views" I answered honestly, as I do not lie: "I am a radical centrist" then they asked me "So you support the empowerment of the middle class, even thought you act like you are above everyone" and I answered "No, that is not what I say. I believe to be a higher superior being, but I also disagree with all ideologies other than centrism." Then they asked me: "So you see yourself as a god in simple terms, yes?" and I responded with "Yes." after this we debated about saving my TARDIS for some time, and then I was muted. After that, I was frozen using potion effects. I placed down signs telling them to stop, but they continued. After this, I was permanently banned without a warning.

Ban duration: permanent

What were you doing last on the server: I was in my TARDIS, requesting it to be saved. I was trying to explain to the seemingly simple-minded staff why the TARDIS should be saved.  

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): I do not deserve a permanent ban for what I did, I simply said things in chat. Perhaps a ban for a week, or a month, but not permanent. I got muted, to which I naturally protested. If I were simply muted, I would not be making this post. I hear staff saying I was disrespectful, but I was simply expressing my views, like you asked me to. I was asked to tell them my views, and I did. Apparently they got offended, and perma-banned me. Right after I got banned, the person who banned me, blocked me on discord, showing how angry staff got at my views. I apologize to staff if they are so full of themselves that they cannot accept views that consider them to be anything short of gods. I understand the mute on the discord, and on the server, but not the permanent ban. No matter how rude I would act, it should not result in a permanent ban. If you cannot handle radical views, you should not be on the internet.




Firstly, calling staff simple minded or full of themselves won’t help your case. At all. 

Secondly, you were not banned because of your views. You were banned because you broke the rules. We don’t discuss political views on the server this is clear on /rules and in the #rules chat on discord.

Finally, you are not a superior being. Neither am I. Nobody is superior to anyone. We are all equal and should be treated with equal respect and dignity. Something you have not done. I will leave the decision on your appeal up to my fellow staff but I advise you to reflect on your actions.



-DMU Admin



Thanks for responding to my comments by insulting me on my personal profile. I very much appreciated your superior intellect as I am of course an emotional imbecile communist.


Your appeal is DENIED. 



-DMU Admin 

So... You want to be unbanned...

Well, from what I've gathered, you've been discussing political views. Now, we are impartial to religions, political views and ethnicity on the discord and the minecraft server. We don't want our users to feel like they can't be here as they don't agree with the views being discussed.
Secondly, you have been abusive to staff, calling them "simple minded" and telling them that if they can't handle radical views, then they don't belong on the internet. I have news for you buddy, the internet is for everyone to enjoy, no matter who/what they believe in, so do us a favour and try not to become a self-centred person who can't moderate the language and views they have, ESPECIALLY when they are around younger persons who may become influenced by said views, wherein they do not wish to.
Thirdly, going directly onto a staff members profile and essentially insulting them for doing their job is just wrong.

Joe1578Joe - Trainee Staff Member

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