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[please deban discord dmu]


I was involved in the sword problem and then my friends wanted to help me by coming on the DMU and then coming in and then they came to do anything and they started talking about hacking and I'm just aware of this and I got banned for hacking


my gamer tag mr_scar

my pseudo discord ??????#7575

after my unban I would like me to come back on the dmu discord thank you and goodbye

my gamer tag mr_scar

my pseudo discord ??????#7575


I would like to apologise on banning you due to the sword, the evidence we saw was very suspicious. You have been unbanned for the misunderstanding. However, for the SWD Discord server, you had introduced multiple alt accounts into the server which is not allowed. I'm sorry to say that your discord ban appeal will be denied.


Please reappeal sometime in the future.





I would also like to add that in future if staff or in this case the server owner asks you a question you do not lie to them. The other staff were not aware of this as I didn't inform them meaning I would have put you at a 24h ban. However as they have already decided to unban you then you shall be unbanned 

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