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Update Thread [Help]

I stopped playing the mod around February of 2017 after losing my SWDBae. I kinda want to come back to the server but first I just want to know what's happened in the last two years.  I know its a lot to ask for so I don't really expect much out of this thread. Even though I left the mod with bitter feelings I would still like to know what's been going on the community I cherish so much.

The mod's added (from what I can remember): a TARDIS force field, credits (currency), redesigned Daleks, Mondasian Cybermen, more TARDIS designs and brought back the Vortex Manipulator. There's probably more that I've forgotten.

Hey, I think it's best to join our discord chat to get in touch with the community. That's where everyone is active.

Yes and no. Yes it is allowed to save to SAVE a building but not to PASTE a building aka printer mode. You can't use printer mode. 

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