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Ban Appeal

Minecraft username: Big_PaPa22005


Why were you banned: According to admins I was banned for hopping chests and griefing


Ban duration: Never


Why do u think u should be unbanned 

I was banned around 2 weeks ago so during that time I have realized that the actions I did were horrible and I am sorry to the people I grief and I have learned from my actions and learned how to be a better person so please take my ban appeal into consideration


Hi Big_PaPa22005,


You were initially banned for 72h for hoppering cheats in a shop but then we found lots more places where you had hoppered chests and griefed so your ban was extended a few times until it was made perm.

However, after considering your appeal I believe that you are sincere in your apology so I have decided to accept your appeal with one final chance. 

If you grief or hopper another chest you will be banned again. Don’t let me down :) 


Appeal Accepted.


Thread Locked.



-DMU Admin

This thread has been locked.