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Darlek Mod : Time travel with the tardis

Something bugging me about the dalek mod is the fact that the TARDIS can't travel through time, and of course I know there are obvious reasons why but here is a way I believe you could do it.


First off, there isn't really a way to travel to the future because, well you can't actually time travel.


But I think there might be a cool way that could go to the past in your Minecraft world, now what I mean by this is viewing earlier versions of your world.


Now I don't know too much about Minecraft modding and it's limitations, but with what I know, this isn't too out there. So as you play on your Minecraft world, the dalek mod could save a copy of the world at specific points in your play through maybe 1 Minecraft day, 5 days, 10 and so on, but not so often that it's creating too many different dimensions.


How it would work is, that maybe it could create this copy into a dimension, which the TARDIS could travel to, you could run around and look at how your world used to be. When you arrive it wouldn't make sense that you can break things and take things from chests, because you're in the past, and the timeline should be maintained. So if possible this should be done. Maybe through adventure mode or constant Mining Fatigue.


Like I said I'm not experienced in Minecraft modding but hopefully you'll consider this possibility and please tell me if this would be possible in the mod.


This reads like the person who wrote it never written any code in their life 

This reads like the person who wrote it never written any code in their life 

 he literally says he doesn't know if it is possible.  ._.

This reads like the person who wrote it never written any code in their life 



So what?

I'm not a developer, so I can't give a definitive comment on this, but put it this way, if you were backup someone's world data once a Minecraft day, which is 20 minutes (or 10 if you separate day and night cycles), that's a clone of a world every 20 minutes, which would end up being pretty big file size wise, and worlds are generally quite big already, this also doesn't factor in other mods and dimensions, what happens to those? If they get copied over as well, there'd be a massive dimension count, and what about lower end laptops with not much storage? All in all, what I'm trying to say is, it's a great idea, but way out of the reach of current possibilities, maybe in the future when laptops can hold 10TB of data at a decent price, I'd say the idea could be considered, but the current limitations seems to point to no. Also, as a side note, if you were to come up with the argument, "They could make an online storage site," or something along those lines, it's already around 100$ in total for both site and servers, so including a new online database in that would be too expensive.


I like the idea, but personally, I just don't see how it's possible

I think one way this could be done is by making it so that you can pre configure points at which you want to go back to. So for example. You could save a current state of your world manually and when doing this it adds it to a list of available points to travel back to. Again though it could be an issue with large worlds. Take the DMU public overworld, before the reset it was close to 100gb. Imagine having to back that up into a state. It would take a long time. Another option though would be to just save a state of currently loaded chunks, meaning you could travel back to a small portion of your world

I completelly support this idea and as 1WTC

mentioned about DMU public it would be an issue indeed but there could be solution as presetting how big the area could be.

This reads like the person who wrote it never written any code in their life 

 1st like the others said: He said he doesn't knos how to code

2nd: it's not impossible and in the theory quite easy. Just save the world as a dimension / use it as a dimension. Copying files in java is quite easy and you just need the region direcotry inside worlds.


The only problem about this idea is literally the data size, in the past someone had the same idea in the swd discord (mb it was you, idk) and i really like this idea to see... but yeah... storage problems..

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