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Thank you

This was the first ever mod I played when I got minecraft and to be I fell in love with the mod and I forgot about it for about a year but when I came back it had a server which I've played on since 2016 even though my account on here wasn't made till 2017 doesn't mean I didn't make friends I love this mod and all the effect matt (didgerdooman) John (1wtc) luke (youtuber02) I'd just like to say hope many more memories as well as staff members come into the team like josia, Ed, that rhyno guy, thatcreeper and bluey and Dutch and luke and cy and Ben also bringing in the new modirators polt, Joe, olly and danita went off topic a bit but the work you lot do is breath taking I wouldn't be on minecraft still if it wasn't for the Dalek mod so thank you for making my day brighter 

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