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[DMU Ban Appeal] Iron_Miner_05: x-raying

Minecraft username: Iron_Miner_05 (FranticDefuser)

Why you were banned: X-ray

Ban duration: forever

What were you doing last on the server: mining

Why you think you should be pardoned early: I understand what I did was wrong, I have know I shouldn't have denied it and I am sorry for that. I have deleted the file and I have cleaned up my act, I am still very sorry, I know the chances of this appeal being accepted is slim so I have a question if this does get denied, this question comes from a place of respect so I hope it does not come across disrespectful. Why have people who have done much more them and that have made much less appeals been accepted? Why do I do one thing, apologise many times and then get multiple accusations put up against me for things I never did? These are my questions I would like answered (if possible) if this this appeal is denied.



Xraying is never good , but i want to give you one more chance to proof you have changed.

Other than endlessly changing your name everytime we meet xD




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