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ip ban

Minecraft username: Arklead


Why you were banned: griefing


Ban duration: 25/9/2019


What were you doing last on the server: in my house


Why you think you should be pardoned early: its not that i should be pardoned early i was going on the sever and it said i had an ip ban when i got banned for a day and i wasnt using an alt acount iprogressv2 was my brother


heres proof of my brothers acount of the so many name changes



If I might add... they were both on at the same time causing issues in Caerdroia, and when asked repeatedly to stop they did not. They both also took things and broke blocks in and from Caerdroia. I believe that Arklead even said in chat that IprogressV2 was the one who stole the key that was taken. Not sure if that effects this kind of appeal, but I thought I'd comment as I was a witness.

MrCreebert, please don't comment on a ban appeal unless you have information that could change the outcome

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