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Ban Apeal, "Avoiding a Mute and some other thing"

Username: DeathMessageYT.

Ban Reason: Avoiding a Mute, disregarding what Joe said multiple times.

Expires: 10/3/2019 

What i was last doing: I was in my base.

Why do  you think you should be Pardoned so early: Because i love this server, its like my fave server, and its the only actually GOOD Doctor Who server out there, and i'm kind of an impatient person just don't ask why please, and my game Crashed when i was typing so it was kind of an unfair ban, but i know, he just thought i left to "Avoid a Mute" well i hope somebody accepts this (PS: It said Unexpected Crash [I use TLauncher with my Premium Account so thats why it said somthing like that, Unexpected Crash] :/ )





So, you called me Joey once yesterday. I asked you to stop, yet you continued. I left it thinking you wouldn't do it again. Today I see you kept on doing it, thus warning you for a final time not to do it as that would be ignoring staff. You continued. You was going to be muted, then left (or as you say, crashed) conveniently before you was about to be muted. The ban was not unfair, and it's only a 24 hour ban, so wait it out.


Appeal denied, thread locked

This thread has been locked.