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[DMU Ban appeal] Silly lemon205 griefing [1 day]

Silly lemon205

For griefing

I was building onto my TARDIS last.

I should be pardoned early because I haven't done anything in ages. I haven't griefed since the my start of the server when I didn't read the rules. Therefore I've been reported for something from ages ago. This really isn't fair and also it says on the ban count part that I have 2 bans. Could you look into the other ban please?

You have griefed a town yesterday and thats why a staff member banned you for 48h, so its a lie that you haven't done anything in ages since you griefed yesterday.

What have I done?

I really don't remember anything. I've been building a house and that's it.

The proof is below (This isn't all the proof we got more):


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Hello There,
First thing, I would like to apologise. Your ban was a false ban, when you were banned a massive grief had happened in Dunton and your house looked like it had been griefied as well. When checking the holes, it came up with your ign, so I thought you were part of this massive Grief. I apologise once again for this. And I will try my best to get your ban cleared.

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