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[Ban appeal] User: Mrcreebert Reason: I used a second account to bypass a ban [perm]

My username: Mrcreebert

 Why I was banned: I used a second account to bypass a ban, because I spawned the wither

 Ban duration: forever

 What was I doing last on the server: I was caught using the second account. Then I left and I was banned forever. 

I am very sorry for doing this and I know, I did many things wrong. I now feel stupid for doing this. I don't have a reason, why I should be unbanned... I think this thread won't change anything.. 



Your appeal will be reviewed.





I know it's the 4th time that I got banned, but please....please forgive me. I promise, I won't do anything bad anymore. 

I hope I will be unbanned :(

You were using an alt to bypass a ban on your main account.


Your appeal is denied, re appeal in a month

This thread has been locked.