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[Dmu Bann appeal]MrCreebert : i used a second account to bypass a ban. [forever]

Minecraft username: Mrcreebert


Why i was banned : I used a second account to bypass a ban.


Ban duration : forever


What was I doing last on the server : nothing, this is a re appeal 


Why I think I should be pardoned:It has been a month and I was thinking about my mistakes. I really regret what happend. I wish i would've never done this and I hope you all will forgive me. Please, give me one more chance, I promise I have chanched. Also, Its very likely that this appeal gets denied again....and I really want to play on the server again... 



I do t want to sound impatient but it has been about 13 days since the last post 

Hi MrCreebert,


Apologies in the delay of response for your appeal. 

Now onto your ban: After reading your appeal it is clear that you realise your mistake in using a second account to bypass another ban, henceforth I have decided to accept your appeal with a FINAL chance. If you are banned in future it will automatically be a perm ban. 


You have been given a final chance. Don’t ruin it. 


Appeal Accepted this thread is now locked.



-DMU Ultra-Admin 

This thread has been locked.