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[official] Server Rp Factions

Founder:  _HazzaYT_

Server:  DMU Public and DMU  Private

Status:  Active

How to join:  /msg _HazzaYT_ or SpectrumFATM (or any other member)

Thread: N/A

Name: Dalek Diner (previously Drunken Dalek), Moon Cafe
Founder: Cliperoonies
Server: Public
How to join: DM me


Name:Sea Republic




How to join: do /warp fentachen, signs

lead to main base or /msg Jimmy_Who or join the discord, https://discord.gg/987hwBc

Faction Name is Alektorophobia

Founder: Pveredex/Lellologic

Server: DMU Public

Status: Very Active (Nov 15 2020)

How to join: To join Alektorophobia you have to go to the warp, and there will be 2 Books too apply to sign up, You can also join through any of the higher ups in the server the last way you can join is through the discord.

which is found in the members board at the faction.


Thread: The Alektorophobia faction was created by Pveredex/LelloLogic The entire factions outside was to be chicken themed, but the below-ground area is where all the good builds and faction part of the area is. The 1st main builder of the faction was TrueAlphaGamer but then we recruited more people having 3-6 main builders as of right now.


This Faction Is Located at 

-2418 64 6726


made by -pveredex


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