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Emerald_Alex__ Ban Appeal [Denied] *edited*

Minecraft Username: Emerald_Alex__


Why you were banned: Spoiling advent features


Given Ban Length:  20 days


What were you doing last on the server: Walking in my Tardis talking to an admin


Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): I understand that some spoilers have been leaked but the only items I was talking about have already been added to the game and can be seen by anyone.  After saying what I said a moderator spoke to me and informed me about the announcements tab on discord, which I have not read because I only use discord for saying Hello when I can't log into the game. I do not want the ban to go away, I just want a shorter ban. I will not reveal anymore spoilers now that I know the rules. I apologize for what I have said and hope that my ban can be shortened. If this ban is not able to be shortened I understand as I now know that John said any spoilers must be banned for the duration of this event.


Its denied. 1WTC and Didgeridoomen were very clear about the consequences and you decided to spoil it anyway.


You will be unbanned when the advent calendar is over.


Thread locked

I was banned on December 4th, and I was recently watching the "Dalek Mod update 52 - New feature every day!" video. I was banned for spoilers about the Christmas event. At 1:46 in the video it shows the item I was talking about and this video was released on December 1st. Also I was wondering why a player that spoils something is banned instead of just being muted for the duration of the event.

Because if you get muted you can still bypass the mute. Thank you for letting us know, but I am afraid the rules are clear.


You will be unbanned when the advent calendar is over.

Hi there,


As you know you have been unbanned so I shall lock the thread :)


- Ben

This thread has been locked.