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Help Finding a Dalek Ship on Skaro

Hi guys.

I'm trying to make an update video covering the last few days of the advent calendar, but after hours of searching, I still haven't found one of the new dalek ships with the dalek emperor that spawns on Skaro. I was wondering if anyone who has found a ship in game can help me out.


If you have, please reply with the coordinates that the ship is at, and your world's seed. I would be eternally grateful. Thank you.

Hey doe, the ship is generated based on chance. A seed will not help. If you PM me on discord, best I could do is give you a version where Dalek Ships are very common.

Shows you how much I understand about coding and world generation. Will do Matt.

Nah, you got it right in one way. That's the way Minecraft vanilla does it. We use a different method for the DM. I've sent you the original ship file on discord.

I feel your pain, Doe; I've also tried to find the ship with no success. I've tried flying in Creative mode, using an elytra, travelling to random co-ordinates using a TARDIS and using a UNIT jeep, but still can't find it. I managed to look in the schematics folder for it but still want to experience it for myself; any advice for speeding up the search would be greatly appreciated (if possible).

Side note: I also noticed that the schematics folder also contains three 'Asylums' - do mini Dalek Asylums secretly sawn on Skaro, or are these portents of a future update?

-Edit: Never mind, found out that the Asylums are structures on Skaro. I also managed to find a Dalek ship - my advice is to go to every high mountain you can; it'll not only pass the time, but also gives you a better view of the area, making it (slightly) more likely you'll find a ship.

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