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Ban Apeal

Minecraft Username: ThisChedGamer (Used to be FrequentFigure)

Why was i banned: Griefing

Ban Duration: Perm
What was i doing last: i was offline
Why i think i should be unbanned: i love this server and its one of the only servers i put actual time into, and i usually dont put time into anything, i love this sevrer, i love doctor who stuff, it would just suck for me to lose everything forever, so it would be kind of i was to get unbanned, thank you, :)

Hello. I am Joe and I will be answering your ban appeal today!


So, you was banned for griefing a TARDIS and allegedly looting unprotected chests according to the ban log. Now, I'm a reasonable person, so I'm going to accept your appeal, with a catch. You are on your final chance. Any griefs, thefts or anything else against the rules and it will be a perm ban with no appeal. I will unban you later today if another staff member hasn't already.

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