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[DMU Ban Appeal] MCGamerAJYT:Tardis Griefing [Perm]

Minecraft username: MCGamerAJYT

Why you were banned: Tardis Griefing

Ban duration: Perm

What were you doing last on the server: I forgot

Why you think you should be pardoned early : I regret what i've done and would like to start again on the server, it was one of my favrouite servers, i also understand that what i've done was bad, i am willing to take the final chance on this server. Im sorry, Thanks ( and yes its a repost but no one saw my old post so im reposting)

Please be patient. Staff have lives outside of this, and each appeal must be discussed to ensure the right outcome.

I apoligise for the late reply, but from you what we can see of your history and the seerity of the greif we will be denying you ban appeal as you have had 7 chances and have not learned from your past mistakes.


-Pls Do not Appeal for at least 3 months as we wont count it as a legitmate ban appeal, this thread will be locked shortly


(Kevster234-Staff Team)

This thread has been locked.