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48hr ban [Denied]

I was building an outline for a new storage room in my TARDIS when an admin tp'd  to me and thought I was building a bridge to another players TARDIS. I understand that it looked like I was and they had logs saying I have been through other payers chests but the only other player chests I've been through is my friends chest (Dakon108) with his permission as we are friends and can provide any proof needed. I was hoping for this two day ban to be lifted as I want to go on with my friend, I wont build on to my TARDIS from now on and I will keep it the same unless given permission by an admin. Hope to hear back shortly, thank you for taking the time to read it. my player name is Totep0.

Hi there Totep0,


Sorry for the late response. I believe your ban should be over within a couple of hours. I have looked through the evidence and I think you were tardis bridging so you will not be unbanned until the 48 hours are over. In terms of the stealing, I can have a look at the chests but it would not have changed your punishment anyways.




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