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Massive Server Lag Spikes (Fixed) + Notice to SWDBaes

Today it was discovered that someone with World Edit had done //replace Tardis For about 10,000 Blocks in a row.  This creates massive server lag as the server has to process the Tardises glitching over each other. With that being said the start and end points were found and the wall was removed.  Just a reminder to all new and existing SWDBaes. If you have never used World Edit before or would like a refresher on the basics please don't be afraid to ask. I am more then happy to explain how they work in order to avoid issues like this in the future.


 Tardis Wall Imgur Link

Feel free to post here or contact me in game if you would like help with World edit in the future.

Bump! I would like to request john add the tarsus to the world edit banned blocks list and your account needs updating to moderator

can't using world edit is how tardises are moved from spawn area among other uses.

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