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A DW adventure map

So for a while I was unable to get on to the DMU server since the server was full every damm second so I got bored any made an adventure map. So I present you The games. This Adventure map needs the Dalek mod. 



The Judoon were hired to imprison you by an unknown source. Your the doctor and you need to get out.

A few images(Not all the areas some areas,left out quite a few that are kinda spoilery)

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And that's it 

Download link:http://www.mediafire.com/file/0eawvo4yeknr6on/DW_adventure_map-the_games.rar/file


In a crawling section at least for me the redstone dissapeared and the button.

Fix:right click and it will appear again. You don't have to right click all the  redstone just go to the end of the path and right click and the button will appear press that and it will work normally.

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