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i cant get on the dalek mod online server pleace i need help [Solved]

im useing tlucher for my launcher and i have a widnos 10m gameing comoputer so i dont know

will i get online if i use the launcher called tLuacher or do i need i difrent lucher besides tLucher it has all th minecraft updates it works kinda like the minecraft lucher but will onloine work with tLuancher

Tenchin launcher I assume you mean no it should work fine 

the error mesige ive ben getting its alwase ben the same one

my minecraft username is  wbthehero@gmail.com i havennt  changed it after makeing it

do you mean my minecraft mogang username or my dmu or is it swd username?

Hello, your Minecraft username, the name it shows when you are in game

 its wbthehero@gmail.com i have to type that in when i use the summon camand on oneplayer i have to type that in when i use the give player camand so i think thats what youre asking

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