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i cant get on the dalek mod online server pleace i need help [Solved]

 1wct are you ok are you still helping me pleace i see your an admin so i beleve you can do something to help me to get to the online server

I assume this isn't a paid version of Minecraft?

Did you buy the game from https://minecraft.net? 

no i got it from tLucher.org but i got the acount at mojang.com

So you haven't actually bought a copy of the game?

no i got it for free at the website tLucher.org i can play all the vershons from alpha1.0 to the newest vershon but the other guy sayed it would work with tluacnher

That's the problem then. You need a genuine copy of the game bought from Minecraft.net


We do not support illegal copies of the game I'm afraid

i dont know if its elegle in  the usa to get it for free i just was wanting to play this mod so i got the luncher tlucher i havent got a vires on my computer so can i go online or do i need to pay

It's illegal everywhere, it is against their terms.

If you want to play on the servers you will need to buy a genuine copy of the game at: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/store/minecraft-java-edition


Downloading it for free is piracy, which is illegal.

oh I dident know that im  sorry  ill disdownload tlucher im 14 so I didn't know

He's helped you as much as he can. You can not play on the server until you actually pay for Minecraft. It's not a free game.

so i bought minecraft but now forge isint working o i cant get on the mod so i cant test if its fixed 

I got on the server and I was able to play but all the sudden I gant get on do the servers close at 853pm or is it a glich someone pleace tell me


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