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[DMU Ban appeal] League_HEad: Annoyance / Greifing [Perm]

I wanted to just get the chance to not be banned from the server forever since its the only reason I can have fun on Minecraft these days. I believe I was banned due to a fire that was on my friend's house, I knew that fire was not going to spread and it was only a way to get back at him as he pranked me just a couple of days earlier. I also wanted to know why it was "Annoyance" since I was only building my Tardis interior and not annoying any other players. So I was just hoping to have the chance to playback on the server with my friends I have made. And I am so sorry to incase I was a problem. So please reconsider the ban thanks for reading. Sincerely League_Head

Hi. If you're going to appeal a ban, please use the format.


Also, this is your 4th ban, and you have definitely been annoying players, when you claim to have not been... (Need I mentioned Cwavs) and therefore I will be denying your appeal. You may reappeal in 2 weeks

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