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[DMU Ban appeal] UNIT_SteelCrow: Greif [Perm]


Banned By: Danita9


Discord: [U.N.I.T] SteelCrow943#1515


Minecraft username: UNIT_SteelCrow (Using alt to post thread)


Why you were banned: Accidental greif


Ban duration: Perm


What was i doing last on the server: In the end dimension collecting ender pearls

At time of incident what was i doing last on the server: mining


The facts and issues:

  1. The site or base above was abandoned by original owner

  2. The blocks below the site underground, were located in an area that was built by the previous owner.

  3. There were no signs of occupation and nowhere clearly visible that you could access the surface

  4. I knew it was abandoned prior as I knew the previous player who owned that plot and knew that they had abandoned it, including the cave where the blocks were found

  5. There was no sign or indication that the blocks were from a new owner

  6. There were no rules at that time saying that a player could not use abandoned blocks from previous bases

  7. It appeared from all the circumstances that the underground area was abandoned and unoccupied 

  8.  Rule 6 was modified after my ban

  9. The rules were unreasonably applied without consideration to the facts

  10. I have apologised and offered reparation.  A deliberately destructive person would not make offers of amends.  In New Zealand, this offer is considered favourable for the applicant when a wrong has occurred.   

  11. I was not given a fair hearing on the facts, and the decision to ban me did not apply to any rules that existed at the time.  The decision was arbitrary and excessively punitive. 

  12.  I want my appeal considered by someone with more experience and seniority than the trainee who made the initial decision, to ensure fair and due process. 

  13. Please consider my appeal…

From UNIT_SteelCrow


I'm Ghost and I'll be your Judge this time period

When going about the rules, we have no concept of buildings becoming abandoned. Even if you've never seen a player walking around in it, you do not break what is not yours that is not naturally generated in the world. Unless the owner of said build gives you explicit permission to break or build you do not touch what is not yours, and if that owner never comes about then you leave that place alone.

Rule 6 has not been changed in quite some time, and especially not after your ban.

These are the reasons for which I will be denying your ban appeal, you may re-appeal in 1 month.

Dmu Ultra-Admin


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