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The Crimson TARDIS




This is my first time posting any sort of design onto a forum. I really love Doctor Who and The Dalek Mod, especially as I've been playing Minecraft since I was 5. So, to find a mod that combines my favourite TV show ever and a game that has been with me since my early childhood is truly amazing. I thank everyone who has worked really hard to create this mod.

My TARDIS is completely original and of my own design, with the only inspiration being my favourite colour; red. It features secondary control room, bedroom/storage room (like the stone room shown in Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS), a storage room full of chests, safes and ender chests, a kitchen with a dining room, a room housing the Architectural reconfiguration system, and a HUGE library made as similarly to the *real* TARDIS library as possible. As well as hundreds of bookshelves, the library has access via hidden stairs to all 5 floors, and 12 enchanting tables.

I have worked really hard to create this TARDIS, and hope to be part of the Doctor Who design team or the Dalek Mod creators and writers team one day. I hope you like it!



My other TARDISes:


 World Download



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I have realised that I haven't included the co-ordinates of the actual TARDIS within the world download. It can be found on a platform literally at co-ordinates X:0, Y:(ground level, not sure of the exact number), Z:0. Basically, 0, 0. It is in the middle of a body of water, on a platform made of sea lanterns so that it's also visible at night (though, if you're in survival then you'll have to swim to it - sorry!). I hope it's worth the adventure!



dude I love your tardis , beautiful , in particular the library , love the walls and pillars 


Here is my custom TARDIS for this week! I hope you like it! The world download co-ords are 0, 0. Enjoy!

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