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The Ice VS Fire TARDIS



This is my second TARDIS interior, called Ice vs Fire for obvious reasons. I'm not going to write an essay this time, just a short explanation :)

I got some of my inspiration from the nether TARDIS and some from the Fridge TARDIS. However, the rest is completely custom. I've only built the main console room this time, so no other rooms (this time)! I hope you like it - it's not my personal favourite design so I would really appreciate some comments below on how I could improve it (or if you think it doesn't need improving!). Enjoy! World Download



Thank you :)


I keep forgetting this - World Download co-ords are still X:0, Y: Ground level, Z:0. Whenever I make a World Download with one of my TARDISes, the co-ords for the exterior will always be 0, 0. :D

I've downloaded every one of your worlds and the tardises are amazing!!

Wow, I genuinely can't thank you enough! I was wondering if anyone was actually using the world downloads, so it's so nice to see someone doing just that! If I make any other TARDISes that aren't for TOTW then I will supply a world download! :)

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