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Mafia(The classic social game in DMU)



Hiya,It's been a while mainly because I stopped updating the mafia fourm thread. Although,there has been a lot going on. The main reason the mafia fourm thread hasn't been updated is because we finally have a discord server! No longer do you have to struggle by reading this fourm thread. If we ever do another mafia tournament. It won't be such a shambles.



Mafia pro is here! It's no longer  a concept! It also has way more perks because of the mafia discord. I could list them but I have a nice little picture:

That's basically it! If you do purchase this then It'll keep mafia running! It also means bigger prizes!


Mafia gangs! The very underworld of DMU. What's underneath the fun social deduction mafia game. You can join a mafia gang or maybe just maybe start you own! Mafia gangs are based on a leaderboard. You can earn points through winning mafia games for your team. There are also other small tasks which can earn you points. You can also earn points through our small games like music chairs. You can also buy things with points through the black market to aid you. 



Welcome to the Cyber Mafia event! The event that fixes the mafia format. Bored as just a normal villager only doing stuff at day. Well then this event fixes all of that. A twists that'll keep every player active during the night. Trying to unravel the truth. With puzzles to solve. This event will be one of the biggest mafia event ever. Maybe even paralleling the mafia tournament.  1ST place: 50K and a vanilla elytra! 2ND Place: A disc signed by digeridoomen and 10k. 3RD place:10k

More teasers for the event like the image below are available in the mafia discord! Including all the other stuff mentioned in this post

Mafia discord link:https://discord.gg/b7WTG6D



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