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New Regeneration/TARDIS Idea!

 Name of Feature: TARDIS interior changing upon regeneration feature. (You can prob make a better name for it, lol.)

Description: Upon postponing Regeneration until the time is up, or starting it before, your TARDIS starts to catch fire and explode around you, after your Regeneration is done, you are kicked out of your TARDIS. But if you are in flight, you get kicked from your tardis and sent to the same planet it appears on, afterwards, you can be given the option to keep your same interior (cause you prob still have stuff you want in there) or generate a new interior. maybe have all of the "foreign" items / blocks you collected and stored inside be put in a chest when you enter your new interior.

Lore/Brief Background: You know how when 10th Doctor became 11th, his TARDIS went out of control and crash landed, he was then unable to enter it until the TARDIS repaired itself / generated a new interior. the same happened when 12th Doctor became 13th Doctor. (Maybe even get a new key? and have the Yale key become the item you obtain instead of having to craft it?)

How does this affect gameplay: It won't, you can have the option to use this feature, It can be enabled or disabled in the TARDIS settings of the TARDIS Monitor.

Image(rough sketch/draft acceptable): (I hope a video is okay) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Di5BaMXe69U

Any other information: Possibly, now I know it might be hard, but, have an extra feature where any rooms that were added by the player in their old interior, if they decide to change, have it switch out and end up in different spots, similar to the 11th Doctor's "Swimming pool is in the library." shtick. (This is incase the 'Putting foreign objects and blocks inside a chest when the owner of the TARDIS generates the new chunks of their new interior."  is a bit hard to make.

I apologize if I went a teeny bit overboard with this, XD

I have also been campaigning for this feature, I love the idea of it!


Great idea, I would definitely use this feature!

I love the Idea of this Feature and Think I would also Use it 

I would definitely ike to see this in the mod, and it would be cool if it was random, so you didn't know what you were going to get, like the tv show

I agreed and maybe the sonic can locate the tardis if is lost

yea i had that problem on the public server, but i got my tardis back tho.

there is a command that can be done to locate the tardis. the idea about the interior changing is a good one.  

I think thsi is a really great idea! will add more doctor who-inity to it


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