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[DMU Ban appeal] Lucifer_morning Griefing (5th ban)

Minecraft username: Lucifer_Morning




Why you were banned: Griefing 




Ban duration: Never




What were you doing last on the server: I think standing in my Tardis


thanks to a staff member I can finally make a ban appeal and explain my reason for being unbanned. I was in the Redstone shop seeing if I wanted to buy a 3x3 vault door for Lucifer Tower. and so I fell into the hole thing and couldn't get out (to put it simply I did the dumbest thing ever) I broke my way out. and tried to replace all the items but apparently Missed a few. I'm going to spare you the long and complicated excuse of why I want to be unbanned because you are busy people and dont want to read a book about 1 ban appeal. to put it simply I don't want to be unbanned. I know this seems different and it is. I simply would like to change my perm ban to a ban that lasts a month or 2 or maybe 4 because the last rule I broke and got banned for was flying my Tardis around ambient city on June 1 (2018 or 2019). My point is please dont permanently ban me for mistakes I made a long time ago. And I know you cant hear my tone of voice through a Ban Appeal but I'm solemnly sorry for this and it will never happen again.



Hello Lucifer,
After looking into your previous bans and logs we have on you.
Your ban shall stay but it will be changed to a 2 month, with no appeal.
Do not attempt to bypass this in anyway or your ban will be changed back to a perm with no appeal.
This is your final chance, do no ruin it!
~Olly {DMU Admin}

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