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The Rain-Bow [Tie] TARDIS



For this design, I wanted to think out of the box. Obviously the main design had to be rainbow (and I mean RAINBOW) but it really needed something else. So, I present to you: The Rain-Bow [Tie] TARDIS; it rains bow ties! Dispensers in the roof - that had to each be loaded individually with bow ties - mean that as well as the rest of the design, bow ties rain from the roof. Yes. Loaded individually. EVERY SINGLE DISPENSER. Plus, it didn't work the first time, SO I HAD TO DO IT AGAIN. AGAIN!!!! I hope you think it was worth it! The name obviously comes from the fact that it rains bow ties, as well as the fact that it is the word 'rainbow', and the design is completely original. Enjoy!

World Download The co-ordinates are 0, 0.


The rest of the design:

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It looks like a fairly simple rainbow design - concrete dome in rainbow order etc, but it is actually quite a complex design. I used iron trap-doors for both barriers and the under-rotor, as well as part of the... thing... that goes on the roof above the rotor. There is rainbow glass reverse dome under the main TARDIS console room, and a beacon with many coloured glass panes and blocks for the main time rotor. And, obviously, bow ties fall from the sky. You might notice that there is a lever on the left wall - this is not part of the design, it is just attached to the dispensers in the roof. Note: I know that the dispensers don't really fit with the theme, but I didn't know how to hide them without blocking the bow ties off. I hope you like it! This is my 6th TARDIS design - you can find the links to the threads below.



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(The bow ties are raining from the top, I know they are slightly hard to see)


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