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Ban appeal #2

Dear SWDTeam,

This is my second attempt at being unbanned.

Reason: was using a hacked client.

I am terribly sorry about this but as I said in my previous post I was on an anarchy server similar to 2b2t and I had a hacked client installed when I turned my PC off I came back the next day completely forgetting I had the client installed and tried getting on the dmu server,

I understand in the rules it says “no hacked clients” and I understand that but I forgot I had it installed,

(also all the hacks were turned off anyway) i understand my “excuse” is still not valid and it’s rubbish but I didn’t even manage to get on the server, I was still logging in and popped up “perm banned”. I understand I really messed up but I love the dmu server and the players (I’ve also become friends with a few staff before I was banned) but I would really like to be able to play on the server again to be part of the community.

kind regards,




Hello Bigb, it has been enough time since your last appeal
and I am happy to say you have been accepted.
I will pardon you now.
~Olly {DMU Admin}

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