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Tardis of the Week Submission - AETHER TARDIS

Tardis of the Week Submission - AETHER TARDIS



I am kylemoores (IGN: kylemoores). Using a custom mod pack; on my own private server, I have created a custom Aether themed Tardis. The Tardis is primarly created using blocks from the Aether II mod. However, it also includes some items from ProjectE and Buildcraft.

This Tardis while made in survival mode; was made with all of ProjectE's items ready to help me build, meaning it was quite easy to get materials.

I have taken some different screenshots of this Tardis to display here today.

And before anyone asks; yes the artwork used in the art gallery and the bedroom are from the Mob Talker mod. It's a relates to a running joke between the people on server.


 01 - Entrance


02 - Console Room


03 - Lower Levels

04 - Upper Corridors


05 - EMC Power Plant

 06 - Art Gallery

 07 - Library

08 - Bedroom

 09 - Secretes

Some incredible work has gone into this.... I feel my submission is now pretty much pointless XD

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