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PLS unban me (bolt546)

Username bolt546

Reason xraying (by accdient)

Given ban forver

hey i know this is bad but i forgot that i had xray on for a pranking video now i went on the server forgetting i had xray so i got banned and it last forver i did not mean to use it

thx for reading me out


from bolt546

Please follow the ban appeal format. 

Why you were banned:
Ban Duration
What you were doing last on the server
Why you should be pardoned early

Username bolt546

i was banned for X-ray 

ban duration forever 

I was not using x ray I was showing my friend pikagirl7 my real life friend my house and moving her in to my house  and I had X-ray installed for a pranking video but I did not use it

reason why i should get unbanned 

 Because I did not use it in the first place and I’m really sorry that for being installed in my folder still 


your appeal has been accepted but the ban has been changed to a 1 week ban.

~Olly {DMU Admin}

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