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Warp Griefing second time Time:Permant IGN:TheKangabet

Minecraft username:

Why you were banned: greifing a 2nd time

Ban duration: 

What were you doing last on the server:i was at my friend house and TARDIS Store and i got bored so i went to my tardis and demat and left next day i went back to my computer seeing i was banned

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): i was at my friends house making a secret storage room for him but i changed my mind and packed up and i was gonna get rid of it tomorow so i went back to my town and left the game Im really sorry i love this mod and the server so please if you have the heart please unban meur MC Username: Reason for ban [Ban Length



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