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Wreckage Unseen - My Final TARDIS!




Here is my final submission for Tardis of The Week: Wreckage Unseen.


This is what remains of an ancient structure, doomed to spend eternity at the bottom of the ocean. It could be a ship, a house, a building... who knows? The years have taken their toll - nobody call tell anymore (including me). Water drips from the ceiling, flows in from all sides, and vines grow and spread everywhere. A strange glow emits from a recognisable shape in the centre, but it's source cannot be found (no, that's not shaders). There appears to be nothing on the moss-covered console, but the controls are there, just unseen to the eye. Sand, gravel and sponges cover parts of the bottom, where generations of sediment have formed new layers under the ocean. Once, it could have been a ship that travelled the world, maybe even the universe - but now it is forgotten. A never seen before wreckage, lying at the bottom of the ocean.




I just want to say that this is my 8th and probably final TOTW submission, and I'm really sad to see the competition go. I have loved being there for every possible week, and entering as frequently as I can. I have also loved seeing that other people enjoy my designs as much as I enjoy creating them! I really hope that you have enjoyed all of my builds, and I would genuinely love it if my final design came second or third as much as I would if it won. Thank you to SWD Team for hosting such a great competition! As always, there is a world download if you want it, and the co-ords are 0, 0. Enjoy!






Other Pictures:

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The Entrance:

The main room:

A window:

The ocean floor:

The under-bit:

The TARDIS from the outside:



 World Download:


Wreckage Unseen




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