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[Discord Ban appeal] Your Discord Username / ID:Person#9959 Reason for ban:Ran out of warnings

Discord account username and ID:Person#9959

Why you were banned:Ran out of warnings(I think)

Ban duration: Perm?(Not completely sure, but probably)

What were you doing last in the discord:Talking with people, last I can remember.

Any previous bans:Yes, on the Minecraft server.

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts):I understand that the jokes I made were offensive to a few people, but when I was writing them I did not intend to offend. In the future, I would not make any jokes that may offend. This could be my last chance, and if I would get 1 more warning I would be permanently banned(Unless I think the ban was unjust.)I completely agree the jokes I made were inappropriate, and I realise that now.

Extra information:I tried to join on an alt to see why I was banned, but then Olly (Great staff member btw) DM'ed me that alts were not allowed if you were banned. I did not know that, so I abandoned the account, and it is no longer active.


I will be taking your appeal today.
After looking into this, you have had multiple chances on the discord and have decided to waste them all.
Your appeal has been denied.
You may reappeal in 3 weeks.
~Olly {DMU Admin}

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