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peterpanpig perm banned

Minecraft username: peterpanpig

Why you where banned: 10k hours of bothering Mr Cedric 

ban duration: perm

what where you doing last on the sever: i came on in a Mr Cedric skin i made i was asked to change then i asked Rainbowdestiny if i could go in her skin she said yes so i did but because it was unfinished and the arms where the wrong size she thought i stole it of the internet when i had just not finished with it yet 

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): I understand what i did was wrong (even tho the stuff after the 48hr was on somthing that had nothing to do with DMU) i think i have removed Mr Cedric from everything i have done (besides from holograms on DMU) i promise i will never bother Mr Cedric again (likely that i wont even talk on DMU anymore) i have also delated Mr Cedric and Rainbowdestiny's skins i made i would say sorry to Mr Cedric my self but i think i am the last person he would want to talk to right now but if he is reading this i am sorry and i will never bother you again

Hello. I am Joe and I will be taking your appeal today.


We, as a staff team, have decided to reduce your ban to 2 weeks. What you did was not acceptable, but we feel you have apologised and are willing to drop all obsessiveness with MrCedric and leave him alone. Any more of this will likely be a perm ban


- Joe

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