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[DMU Ban appeal] CamKablam: Griefing [Perm Ban]

Minecraft username: CamKablam


Why you were banned: Griefing a tower me and my friend built


Ban duration: Perm Ban


What were you doing last on the server: I was building some stuff in the tower, and the next time I logged on my friend had reported me



Ok, so here's the story, and I will try to explain it very thoroughly. So me and my friend peterpanpig decided to build a tower, and we didn't know yet what to build yet. I decided to put a museum in it, and I probably should've asked him before. Keep in mind, we were FRIENDS, and I was the MAYOR of this town. After sending him a photo of the museum, I went to bed. The next morning, I went to go hop on DMU, and I had been banned.


I decided to go to the forums, and politely ask what had happened. Apparently my friend peterpanpig had reported me. I instantly felt very angry, and I also regretted building the museum without consent. After talking for awhile, I apologized and agreed that he shouldn't have been so harsh.

Anyway long story short it's been a really long time, and can I please be unbanned now? I know that it can be very easy to forge screenshots but if you need to you can have the discord tag to ask him something.

PS: This isn't just a random friend, this is the person that reported me

Dicord Tag: peterpanpig#4825

Hello. I will be taking your Appeal today.
You have been banned for long enough to learn from your mistakes, so I will be willing to accept your appeal.
~Dezzy {DMU Moderator}

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