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Make Gallifrey livable

It would be nice to live on Gallifrey without having to move from Gallifrey to Earth to get resources such as iron and wood and it would also be nice to have Thana seeds so we can farm. This would avoid alot of hastle that it would bring if one would like to build a base, and it would be nice to see the DMU community have Gallifrey themed towns around the citadel

Hey there,

Gallifrey has recently had a huge overhaul, which added various ores to gallifrey. There were some already, however there wasn't as many, and they were rarer. I am not sure if iron is one of these ores, but I definitely know that there have always been trees, which I believe have dark oak trunks, situated all over gallifrey. There are also some Gallifrey based towns already on the DMU, but I don't know how many. Hope this helps. :D

However, if there is not basic ores like coal and iron already on Gallifrey, then I completely agree with you that they should be added, maybe asĀ  a small part of a bigger update.

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