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Some Stuff I Would like to Suggest for the Mod



Name of Block/item/ore: Biome Locator 

The Would Be a Panel For the Tardis that Would allow it to Scan your worlds For any Selected Biome in Minecraft, you would Right Click on it where a U.I would open with a List of Biomes (as well as having a Search Bar to Manually Search) Then Once you have Selected your Biome you Press a Set Button ... ( it sets the Coordinates ) Then you Fly your Tardis As Normal ...

Lore/Brief Background
Don't think it has any Lore To Do with DW (Doctor Who) ... 

How does the player obtain it:
Craft it / Buy it on DMU Public 

Why should this be implemented:
I got the Idea For this Watching the SWD Team Dalek Mod Survival when they wanted to Find a Jungle Biome and Thought to myself, If the Tardis and or Vortex Manipulator had the ability to locate Biomes and then Travel to them it would save plays Hours of Searching for Biomes ... I also though this Item/ Feature would also Help the SWD team with their Survival
Series ... It would also Help the Rest of the Community Too 
( For Reference To Which Survival Series I am On about use the Link at the Bottom ) 

Image(rough sketch/draft acceptable):

Any other information:
> The Biome Locator Would Select a Random Set of Coordinates for the Biome you are Searching for ... 
- The Link is to The Survival Series I Referenced Earlier - 

[ This is only Part 1 .... (I will be using the Suggestion Templates to Make my Suggestions in there own
Separate Comments of this Thread .. When I Come up with them]

Love this idea, I would definitely use this! It might be  a bit OP if you could use it to gain access to Mushroom Biomes (where mobs can't spawn)... Maybe it could be 'broken' and have some sort of electricity/sparks animation with a charred skin, which means it is unable to find rare biomes such as the Mushroom, Mesa and Mesa Plateau? Then, you have to fix it using various items like electronic circuits/redstone/sonic device. I can't wait to see what other suggestions you have!

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