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[SWD Team Forums Bug] [Unsolved] Unable to see certain threads

Type of bug: I am unable to view certain threads (I am unsure if this is a bug or not but I assume it is)


What was the user doing prior to this: Exploring the website/ replying to threads


Location of bug [which subforum]: Main menu, but the threads I cannot access are in the General Discussion subforum.


Status:  Unsolved


Description: I am unable to see some threads which have recentlty been replied to or made (meaning others are able to access them). This bug has only occured in the General Discussion section. They don't appear as a thread when I go into the section, so I used the 'Today [TIME WHEN REPLIED]' but underneath the name of the person that replied. When I click here, it clearly shows that I have gone to a thread (as there is a title) however it says that this thread doesn't exist, and that  I didn't type the URL correctly.



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