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Banned from the discord Unsure why tho?

Discord Name: Miky_22#6725
i have bean banned for something that i did not do, i was with my friend taking in the vc and having a bit off fun and after that my friend is taking  full responsibility off the actions that he has done, (ps my friend is called lucas) my friend has also sent an appeal, please go read his as well, i think i might know what i have done but im unsure what it was tho so i cant 100% say why i was banned but i do know that it went along the lines off "impersonating a admin" if so im sorry if i was impersonating an admin. sorry if i was i just though my friend sounded like one off the admins so we had a laugh. sorry if we were we were just having a little fun. 

I'll take your appeal today.

Firstly, I just wanna say sorry that this appeal got lost...

We normally don't look here for discord ban appeals.
Anyway I come with good news.

After some discussion with some members of the staff team we have decided to unban you.

Welcome back to the discord.

{DMU Admin|

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