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Making the DMU Harder



I've played the dalek mod for about a year, especially the DMU, But, after a while, it just gets boring

Now i know making the server harder isn't everyone's cup o', but, hear me out:


Making the server harder (AKA dissabeling keep inventory and /back) would give the server something special


if these things got removed, seeing a Gigantic building or base would be 10x cooler knowing that if they died, they loosed all their stuff

but right now, anyone could make one,  because they could just /back if they died and boom, it never happend

now obviously, the problem with this would be PVP and griefing: dying to a player would be worse, and the PVP arena would be too dangerous, BUT !

i got a fix for both of these:

For griefing : just ask an admin, If an admin can get your stuff back when it gets hoppered, it can get your stuff back when you get RDK !

For PVP arena : Maybe a plugin that activates keepinv when you're in the arena could fix that


If these changes were to be added, the DMU would gain a lot of value, and finnaly give people with hard-to-get stuff f l e x material


Thax 4 coming 2 my tedtalk

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