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How to survive In The war of the worlds mod

First off, I would like to thank all the members of the SWDteam for all the epic moments I have experienced in the server, thank u. 

Now living In the war of the worlds mod is (from wat I can gather) is very difficult, so here are some tips for your survival.


#1 if uve only just started the game DO NOT attack any of the Martians if u have only stone tools or lower, in my opinion iron is at least the required minimum for taken on a martian machine.

#2 Now accommodation is quite difficult In this mod. First of all, you have the red weed to contend with, and second of all a Martian may come along and explode your proud house at any moment. Therefore, it is my recommendation that you either build your base underground or out to sea. The advantages of the underground option is that you have direct access to certain ores and it makes the Martians rather hard to gat at you. The out to sea option is a little bit more preferable to the underground one though this would only work ideally with an iceberg as it is not in contact with the ground so the red weed cannot harass u and second the Martians only seem to stay on land so they can’t bother u either.

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