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MMC Faction!



What are we?


MMC is a DMU Beta based faction, although we hope to move to DMU public as well in the future. Our base contains a HQ, Office Block, Research Block, Hangar, Bunker, and Air Strip, as well as many planes and boats! We were founded by General_Malgus, and we now have 6 members. We also have a discord server, and because of this we are looking to expand and welcome more people to the faction!




Q: What do I have to do if I join?

A: Upon joining our discord, you become a member. This doesn't mean anything, and anyone can have this rank! however, if you wish to have a position within the faction, like the 'Head of ...', then you will have to be interviewed in-game by either me (DT10), General_Malgus or King_JJS. once you have done this, you have a high chance of being accepted (depending on what jobs are available at the time).


Q: Where can I find your base?

A: The location of our base is classified for anyone who is not a member. once you join, you will /tpa to someone at the compound, and set a waypoint in your TARDIS!


Q: So, I am interested. How can I get in touch?

A: Discord! Direct Message any owner or co-owner for more details, or just join our server and go to #welcome!


Q: How do I get a rank?

A: Owner, Co-owner and Admin ranks are not obtainable, but other ranks can be gained either through an interview or through the #rank-request channel of our discord.


Q: Who are the current members?

A: We currently have 6 members: Me (DT10), General_Malgus, King_JJS, SpooncerBooncer, TheGingerDoctor, and Ju1ce__. 


Q: I have another question that is not listed here!

A: DM me! My discord is DT10#0561. Alternatively, you can post on our discord server!


Invite Link




Anything else?


We are always looking for new members, so spread the word! if you have any other queries, we are often active on Discord.


Enjoy your time with us!

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