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{DMU Public Bug} _DT10_ {unsolved}

Vrsion of forge: 1.12.2


Dalek Mod Version: Update 58 (1.12.2)



List of mods (please include this in a spoiler):

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Dalek Mod



Replay Mod (1.15) 


What was the user doing prior to this: Inside a TARDIS


Location of bug [E.g. Servers]: DMU Public


Status: Unsolved


Description: When I break a Toyota platform slab (the main block of the 12th TARDIS) it insta-destroys (like a slime block or a honey block does). However, it doesn't drop the item. I know I was in survival as it was DMU Public.


What it affects in-game: {above}


Image: N/A


Any other information: This bug occurred a while ago in update 58 not update 58.1, and I have not yet checked if it is fixed. I will do so later today and update this thread then.



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