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[DMU Ban appeal] Reason hacking length: perm

Username: Doctorkea

Why you were banned:Hacking

Ban duration: perm

I was last just wandering around in my shop then I left do something I was, bored so I got forgehax for 1.12.2 i wasn't bothered to change version  so I still had the dalek mod open I got bored and went  to eat tea and when I go back I went in to the server forgetting that I had forgehax on and I was hit with the ban hammer


I will be taking your ban appeal today.

I will be denying your appeal at this time for the following reasons -

1: Your account is your responsibility. If you accidentally do something, its your fault.
2: You've been banned before, this isn't your first ban.
3: From reading this appeal, you didn't seem apologetic or saying that it was your fault/responcibility.

You may re-appeal in a months time.

~Dezzy {DMU Moderator}

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