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[DMU Ban appeal] Retral2507: Griefing

Minecraft Username:  Retral2507

Reason I got banned: Griefing

Ban Duration: Perm

Reason to be unbanned: I understand I should not have done what I have done but I would like to get back on this server I love DMU and I find myself stupid for what I have done, I do understand I did grief and I shouldnt have done it and I fully understand that I should punished for my actions. Please give me one last chance to join this server and I am sorry for what I have done. Thank you for reading, stay safe, and have a nice day.

I told my friend i was changing a shop we own but he forgot which was the cause of this ban. it was a big misunderstanding just ask LaserLightning4 and Bug1312 was told that it was a misunderstanding

Please mind the spam. Staff are still discussing. Apologies for the late replies


So the staff team have made the decision to


Give you a FINAL chance of rejoining the server.

If you do not respect the rules once again, you'd most likely not rejoin the server for another time.


Please re-read the rules thoroughly when you rejoin the server.

~Dezzy {DMU Moderator} And others


This thread has been locked.