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Strange Regeneration Bug

The reason I call this strange in the title is that I have no idea if this problem is happening to just me or other players as well. I make this deduction because it didn't seem to be happening to a friend of mine, or rather, they didn't see it on their end. If this thread is meant specifically for bugs that happen to all players, I apologize and humbly request to know where to post the bugs that players are only experiencing one-sided. Here's the problem:

Whenever I regenerate, my skin doesn't change, not normally anyway. Nor do the colors change when I alter them. It doesn't matter if I set this to Steve, Alex, or both. Let me walk you through what happens. 
Upon regenerating, your skin stays exactly the same. However, you notice that occasionally your skin flickers slightly as if bugged. Then, if you travel to a different dimension, or teleport a considerable distance away, that's when your skin does change. Sort of. You'll notice that your hand has the correct texture of whatever skin is meant to be chosen by the regeneration, but the moment you use F5, or even open your inventory, you have Minecraft Alex's Skin instead, and it stays that way when you go back to First Person, only to later see your hand actually change to the correct skin, and the process repeats. But there's more. Occasionally, if you enter another dimension, like the first time I discovered this it was in the Nether, but almost any has this chance, the new skin will stay put and you can see it through third-person, only for it to later revert if you teleport or go to another dimension yet again.

Before you ask, yes I have Optifine installed, but as usual, I tested to see if this still occurs if I removed all the other mods, including Optifine, and it still does. I don't know if this is relevant or not,  but I do from time to time play with the Minecraft Regeneration Mod for MC 1.14.4, made by Swirtzly, which also works by changing skins at random. I don't know if this would cause interference with the Dalek Mod version of it, but I mention this to provide all options. 

I can't really see how screenshots could properly demonstrate the problem, at least not the length I've described, so this time I did not post any. But you think there are some I should take, please let me know and I'll either update this or upload them through a reply. Have a good day.

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