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Cowman's revenge chapter 1

Chapter one


Where did everyone go


It was just a normal day on the Dalek mod server till suddenly flashes of light

Appeared out of nowhere and only a select few remained. BrettThekidRE

found that Gamergalchloe with Ben1Ben1 and Didgeridoomen was all that remained for this adventure when suddenly they saw something flying overhead. Didgeridoomen looks and sees Josia piloting a Tardis looking for anyone that may still be around, so they signal to him and go inside his Tardis to discover what has gone wrong ….

The Tardis team lead by Didgeridoomen where about to discover a horrifying truth. Not one of them could have imagined the horror of what Josia had just told them was it the return of cowman??? Matt asked Josia responded with I am unsure, but the cows have returned so it might be time to fight once again. So our brave hero’s set on a quest to once again defeat cowman.


Tune in tuesday to find out what our hero’s got up to.

This was written by BrettThekidRE.

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